Learning starts on the first day of life


C-LAP – A Leader in Early Childhood Care and Development

At C-LAP we provide you with the systems and tools to help you provide the care and attention your children need to develop to their full potential. Our systems and tools are specially designed to provide an easy step-by-step intuitive guide to ensure that you don’t miss anything while offing you the convenience of having everything at your fingertips.

C-LAP is suitable for child care professionals, teachers and parents and because C-LAP amongst the oldest and most reputable early childhood development systems available today you have the advantage of nearly 50 years of academic research and practical experience supporting you.



测评与指导 |虚拟老师远程测评服务| 一对一专家咨询服务

虚拟老师测评与指导服务 | 一对一专家咨询服务

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Specialist Child Development Centers

C-LAP Child Development Center offer something special; every center is staffed with professionals trained in the C-LAP early childhood development system. Our teachers provide private one-to-one evaluation of your child and tailored, research based guidance on how to continue to develop your child. Our centers also provide lectures, a variety of child based programs and activities all designed to help your child grow.


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