1. Q: Can the C-LAP app can be used on any phone?

A: The C-LAP can be used on all Android and IOS mobile devices. The C-LAP App for Windows 10 mobile devices is not yet available.

2. Q: How many children can the C-LAP app evaluate?

A: You can have full evaluations, results and prescriptive actions for three children.

3. Q: How do I make sure I never forget?

A: C-LAP app will give you daily reminders and daily activities so you never need to owrry about what to do next and when to do it.

4. Q: C-LAP app mentoring program with other evaluation software what is the difference?

A: C-LAP app evaluation will be given after each one personalized mentoring program according to the progress and development of the baby.

5. Q: C-LAP evaluation assessment is to score children?

A: C-LAP works like a mirror, while it evaluates the development status of the child, it also reflects the quality of the family education environment. Therefore, the system is designed to help parents to provide the right early education methods to a child development, it is not intended to score a child.

6. Q: C-LAP app is for parents to use at home, why do we still need a professional assessor?

A: During the course of assessment, the one that conducts assessment needs to avoid subjective judgments and be observant to the child‘s mood changes, understand the child’s personality, and make corresponding adjustments to the assessments, so that cooperation from the child may lead to a more accurate assessment result. During the course of guidance, a more experienced assessor is able to derive more information from the assessment result, and come up with more effective mentoring program that suits the child better.