The LAP System

<p>C-LAP is a comprehensive criterion based development system for children aged from 0 to 6 years old. C-LAP is an intuitive step-by-step system suitable for child care professionals, teachers and parents to use to assess and improve individual child development. C-LAP offers a variety of educational tools and services to ensure the children get the care and attention they need to realise their full potential.</p>


<p>C-LAP own evaluation system in the United States was born in 1969, after 45 years of application and development, reliability has reached 96-99%;Ranked in the United States similar products in the first three, it was voted by the Federal Education Department as the “Model System”;Alone, nearly 200,000 children aged 0-6 evaluation of the system annually in the United States, many states widely and approved by the government and recommended application of the educational institutions in the United States.</p>


<p>Based on nearly 50 years of academic research and practical experience , C-LAP amongst the oldest and most reputable development systems available today. Our approach is the key to deriving benefits from the system:</p>
<p>Assessment: first we must first learn what children can and can not do by conducting clear, tied and tested assessments and recording the child&rsquo;s reaction Results: present the results of the child&rsquo;s performance in a clear and unambiguous way Prescriptive Actions: our proprietary algorithm, developed over years of research, develops and presents a curriculum of prescribed actions for parents or teachers to follow. Parent Involvement: based on our philosophy that the child&rsquo;s parents are the child&rsquo;s primary teachers and this vital role is be strengthened and promoted by using the C-LAP materials and programs.</p>
<p>The LAP system contains over 800 developmental skill assessments arranged in chronological sequence in seven domains of development. The C-LAP system contains over 1000 prescriptive actions following each domain and are tailored to each child&rsquo;s skill level:</p>
<p>Gross motor skills Fine motor skills Cognitive Language Pre-writing (available for children aged approximately 3 years and above) Self-help Social-emotional</p>


<p>C-LAP is an academically researched and proven system that improves the development of children but at its core we believe that strength is achieved through teamwork actively involving parents, teachers and proven systems. Our system is one of the most established one available and our beliefs are as follows:</p>
<li>Raising and developing children is the result of the joint efforts of parents and teachers, the family unit is integral to the child&rsquo;s development process.</li>
<li>The foundation of early education is scientific observation that helps help parents to understand a child&rsquo;s overall developmental level, so that the parents may learn to do the right thing at the right time with the right method;</li>
<li>We want to empower parents by providing the tools and assistance to help in the development of their children in a convenient and easy to use format.</li>

China Institutional Accreditation

<p>C-LAP works closely with Shanghai&rsquo;s municipal and district governments as well as other non-government and famous maternity institutions. We have provided evaluation guidance on up to 15,000 occasions for the Shanghai Family Planning and Population Bureau, the Health Planning Committee, International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Children&rsquo;s Foundation, and the Women&rsquo;s Federation Training Center, China Next Generation Working Committee, China Preschool Association, China Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Shanghai Population Research and Development Center, Shanghai Association for Prenatal and Postnatal Care to name but a few.</p>
<p>In Shanghai alone we have executed agreements with Songjiang District, Putuo District, Xuhui District, Qingpu District, as children 0-3 years the district assessment and guidance services; and forming strategic partnerships with more than 60 business organizations.</p>
<p>C-LAP was awarded the &ldquo;International Children&rsquo;s Assessment Mentor&rdquo; qualifications and &ldquo;the GPST Most Promising Training Programs&rdquo; and has been the subject of the Shanghai Star TV channel presenting expert advice on early child development.</p>

Our Advantages

<p><strong>Personal and Tailored</strong><br />
Through comprehensive and scientific evaluation we provide real time results and prescriptive actions for your child and you to work on.</p>
<p><strong>Credible</strong><br />
With approval and certification of the US Department of Education and accreditation with various government departments and other institutions in China we offer one of the most researched and credible systems available.</p>
<p><strong>History</strong><br />
The LAP system was one of the pioneers of early Childhood Development and this has been supported by a continual program of research and continual improvement.</p>
<p><strong>Simple, Practical and Convenient</strong><br />
If you are pushed for time you can use the C-LAP child development app to do your own evaluation of your child. You can do it at your own pace and in the comfort of your home safe in the knowledge that it is the exact same system that our professional teachers use.</p>
<p><strong>Systematic and Effective</strong><br />
Through systematic approach to the assessments and catered instruction, the effect of the early education on the child is progressive and obvious.</p>